Out & About TV® – your channel to entertainment. Celebrity Co-Hosts Mindy Burbano Stearns and Antiques Road Show, Mark L. Walberg take locals, convention attendees and visitors on a comprehensive tour of major city destinations — beginning with So Cal cities, then expanding nation-wide, and on to global city destinations. Highlighting — hotels… dining… golf… shopping… fashion… family fun… lifestyle… arts & culture… businesses… calendar of events… to highlighting Convention Center attendees, Convention Center events, and all the celebrities that love these specific destinations! The show runs 24/7 in a variety of platforms of distribution — from in-room programming, to Convention & Visitor Center, to transportation vehicles, in-flight, at airports, on-line, mobile, social mediums, to TV! Our family friendly programming is ideal for branded corporate sponsorship. Our shows, segments, interstitials, broll, and sound bites are also available for licensing.